Tigers accommodates our 2 to 3 year olds in a separate building. Although they are all in one room, the activities provided are designed as such so that they can be differentiated to ensure all children can participate without some children getting too bored and others feeling out of their depth.

When children move up from Polar Bears there is a full hand-over procedure between the current Key Person and the new, as well as the parents. Prior to the child transferring parents are offered the opportunity to visit the Tigers building to view the new environment for themselves. A written report is handed to the parents and the new Key Person when a child transfers to the next room. The children are introduced to the Tigers group gradually by spending a few days in there over a period of a couple of weeks to get to know the rest of the group, and their new Key Person. Again after a period of around 6 weeks the parents will be offered a meeting to discuss how the child has settled in the new room, and any other queries the parents may have about the new age group. The system of providing information to parents is the same, whereby the parents are given a daily record of their child’s day.

As with the Cubs and Polar Bears, Tigers follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. A wide variety of fun activities are carried out daily, which are designed to develop all aspects of the children’s development, encourage imagination, creativity and an enquiring mind. Tigers have separate areas for messy play, quiet activities, floor play and imaginative play. The children continue to develop their knowledge of shape, colour, number and phonic letter sounds and their vocabulary is extended to enable simple conversations about their environment, family, friends and activities. The children will usually commence their toilet training and will still want to have an afternoon nap in this group and we provide all of the facilities that they will need.