Once a child turns 3 they will move to Pre-school, and as with the younger ages a staggered transition period will assist a child’s move to Preschool, with the Key Person providing a written report for the New Key Person and the Parents. The Preschool occupies the upper level of the main building and the rooms are fully equipped for all of their activities and again have different areas for different types of play. The preschool children have usually outgrown their afternoon naps but if they still need them the facilities are there for them. The Preschool children will combine for some of the activities and work separately for others, depending on their age and stage of development. Combining groups of children for activities, such as Expressive Art and Design, Physical Development or Personal, Social and Emotional Development, allows the younger children to learn from the older ones and allows the older children to develop a sense of responsibility and caring for the younger ones. However, separating the groups for activities such as Maths, Communication and Language ensures that the children’s activities are aimed at the right level for them so that they are neither bored nor out of their depth, having said that however, all children will have access to the same activities, it is the teaching that is differentiated.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is followed by all of the children and extension activities are offered in all areas of the curriculum to ensure that they are able to achieve their full potential. Your child will be provided with a homework book, to encourage their writing skills and letter formation. In the Preschool we also offer extracurricular activities including Ballet, PE and Drama.

It is very rare to find a child who is very advanced in all areas of development but most children will have a talent in a particular area, whether it be in sport, writing, creativity, model making or having a great sense of humour. Our aim is to help each of our children to achieve the best that they can in all areas of their development by extending them in their areas of talent and supporting them in their weaker areas. When our children leave the preschool to start school they have the confidence to know that if they treat others with respect, and try their very best, they can achieve anything. What better start can you offer a child?