Cubs and Polar Bears (0-2 years)


Cubs Room caters for children from the age of 3 months until they are confidently mobile, and emotionally secure. Once your little one is actively up and about with confidence and ready to move on, Polar bears would be their next stop, until they are 2 years old.

There is a separate sleep room for those who prefer somewhere quieter to rest for both the Cubs and Polar Bears, alternatively there are cots available in the Cubs room.

The rooms are bright, cheerful and stimulating which offers a caring and loving environment. The emphasis is very much on providing a home from home care with lots of play, love and cuddles in a safe and secure setting.

Our babies’ development is monitored termly, and activities are planned to promote the next milestone along the way, be it learning to sit unsupported, scribbling with a crayon, feeding themselves with a spoon or saying their first word. The babies spend time every day cuddling up on a lap with a picture or storybook to develop a close bond with the staff, and an early love of books.

Language development is very important for this age group. The babies are absorbing all of the knowledge they will need later when they begin to talk themselves. They not only learn the names of objects and actions, they learn about taking turns in conversation, sentence structure, expression and humour. It is vital that babies receive sufficient one to one conversation time to ensure that their language skills are fully developed. At Top of the Class we ensure that each baby is given plenty of one to one conversation and is encouraged to respond and interact with the staff.

We have a range of outdoor play equipment to develop a wide variety of physical skills once the babies become more mobile. The babies have access to sand and water play and start to discover the joys of mark making using a variety of resources, as well as being offered lots of opportunities to join in with a variety of messy and sensory play activities, all of which are important in a baby’s early development.

We keep a daily record sheets, which we complete and send home and we ask parents to inform us in the morning of any changes to the baby’s routine. This ensures that there is continuity of care between home and the nursery, and no important information is forgotten when the baby is handed over.

Polar Bears

Polar Bears

When a baby starts with us they will be assigned a Key Person from the start; we believe this is the best way to provide a welcoming environment for both baby and the parents, and aims to ensure a smooth settling in period. We also encourage the parents to write down the baby’s daily routine, which again ensures continuity between home and nursery, and the routine is followed where possible. Parents are offered the opportunity to have a meeting with their baby’s Key Person, to discuss how the baby has settled in, a written report will also be given, we expect this meeting to take place around 6 weeks after a baby or child has commenced the nursery.

Once your baby is mobile and ready to move up to Polar Bears, he or she will gradually be introduced to the new Key Person. As the two rooms spend a great amount of time with each other, we expect this transition to be relatively quick in comparison to the transitions to the older rooms. However, a written report about the baby’s stage of development will be shared between the Key Persons and the parents.